March 2021 Online Meeting

“Incentives, Funding, and the State of Electric Vehicles in Texas”

Bailey Muller joined the Transportation Department of the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) in January 2016. She currently serves as a Senior Air Quality Planner. Much of her work falls under the Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Coalition, the local chapter of a Department of Energy program focused on increasing energy efficiency in the transportation sector Her responsibilities include focus on electric vehicles and infrastructure, government policy and readiness, and energy efficiency. See Less

00:32:44 lisa liu: Are those prices for residential?

00:42:43 Bianca: Any opportunities for EVs to use tolls and HOV lanes at no cost? Some of the west coast states have this incentive.

00:44:21 Kevin Douglass: we are a member of TXEtra :)

00:44:27 Ralph Krog: Thx. gotta run. good show.

00:48:57 Bianca: thanks

00:51:09 lisa liu: How can we stay up-to-date with all of these regs and opportunities? Do you have a mailing list?

00:52:19 Bianca: I'm surprised Dallas has more EVs than houston and Austin. why do you think Dallas has a large number?

00:52:29 Christopher Hayden: Did you say that a level 3 incentive program was in development?

00:52:48 Christopher Hayden: Is it possible to get a copy of this slide deck?

00:53:16 Collin Loewen: Will be available on our web site

00:54:30 Steven Barnes: What happens to the funds not allocated for rebates or charging infrastructure ?

00:55:25 Kevin Douglass: Is Houston-Galveston Clean Cities Coalition a sister organization for the Houston area?

00:55:32 Emily White: have you put together any guide to EVs to people who are new to them for education purposes? talking about the basics of owning an EV and maybe even going into specifics of what type of EV might be best for a certain person/family?

00:57:46 Jason Rapp: So how do we get DC Fast Chargers reclassified as vending machines?

00:58:29 Steven Barnes: Bailey, Very good presentation. Thank you

00:59:05 Collin Loewen: is a non-profit that has all the EVs available, and info on charging, FAQs, etc.

00:59:39 Emma Hwang: Could charging stations be installed at state parks?

01:00:08 Kevin Douglass: An excellent EV buyers guide is at

01:03:19 Bianca: great presentation- thanks.

01:05:39 lisa liu: Thanks so much, Bailey :)

01:05:54 Collin Loewen: Thank you!!!! Very interesting.

01:09:44 Emily White: I have to head out early, but thank you all for a great meeting and I look forward to the next one!

01:11:50 Emma Hwang: Are the PowerWalls still backordered?

01:15:39 Ken Sheldon: Yes, Emma, there is today, a long lead time for installation of a Tesla system

01:34:13 Christopher Hayden: (713) 635-9094.

01:47:02 Ken Sheldon: Here here!

01:48:47 Roberto Strangis: Thanks folks!

02:02:46 Jason Rapp:

02:03:39 Collin Loewen: Tesla 12 V lighter only has like 140 Watts

02:06:41 lisa liu: Thanks so much for organizing! Have a good night!

02:07:02 Christopher Hayden: Thanks Jason

02:07:55 Jim Thomson: Gotta go, thanks all!

02:10:08 Jason Rapp: Can't wait to see what they do with the eF-150, bet it'll be great for that purpose as well

02:20:14 lisa liu: Just wondering - are there resources on charging stations that use renewable energy?

02:21:07 lisa liu: This is a great video by the way. Addresses a lot of concerns!!

02:21:18 Ken Sheldon: Splendid, Dave. Thank you for locating this video.

02:21:41 Collin Loewen: I buy renewable energy at home, is that what you mean?