July online meeting with Jeff Wolfe

Chat notes:

00:01:36 Electric Auto: Hello Everyone !

00:15:00 Emma Hwang: Someone sent this link during the Battery Storage 101 workshop that SUN hosted…https://www.somisolar.com/2019/03/battery-costs-are-much-lower-than-whole.html

00:20:46 Emma Hwang: The East Houston SUN co-op needs 2 more people to sign up before putting out the RFP. You can sign up if you want to install PV, or battery storage, or both. So please sign up! https://coops.solarunitedneighbors.org/coops/east-houston-solar-co-op/

00:21:50 Robert Sanchez: Who and what sector is Veloce Energy’s biggest clients? What is the biggest hurdle to adopting charging stations? Costs, regulations, ignorance of EVs, lack of clients, etc.?

00:25:08 Robert Sanchez: When do you feel the tipping point for EVs to occur? When the cost of an EV will be equal to the cost of their ICE equal? Tony Seba says 2030 or before. With as much as is happening in the world of EVs (air, land, sea, personal, commercial, etc.) it should be soon. Any ideas?

00:52:20 Ken: for the example 600 KW charging station / with 300KW supply, what is the capacity of the proposed battery?

Load leveling is a good way to smooth out peak demand. Have you explored load shifting? eg: run at near maximum demand during off-peak hours (need signals from elec. provider) so that load can be minimized at peak hours

00:55:15 Robert Sanchez: Would you consider merging solar panels along with your charging stations? Where it makes sense.

01:05:27 Robert Sanchez: Have you spoken to local Chambers of Commerce to talk to their members? I reached out to the Clear Lake one but never heard back from them. Ignorance of EVs is still an issue.

01:20:21 Suresh B: Appreciate the information Jeff. Take care and stay safe

01:35:43 Jason Rapp: Michael - Have you used something like this with your Model X for towing:


01:36:00 Jason Rapp: I wonder if it would improve your range by a bit to smooth out the overall aerodynamic shape of the car?

01:38:33 Robert Sanchez: Recently Bill Swan worked on my 15 year old Mongoose Electric Bike. I don’t need it and can give it way as is. No warranties. Bill can bring up pictures of it.

01:48:42 Robert Sanchez: 20 miles original battery new. All depends on how fat you go. Probably less now.

01:49:25 Robert Sanchez: How FAST you go and not how much you weigh (FAT). LOL.

01:49:39 Collin Loewen: Maybe we should offer the bike in a raffle or auction form to raise some money.

01:53:29 Robin Friedrich: Thoughts on this approach to grid scale storage? https://cleantechnica.com/2020/06/19/air-powered-energy-storage-knocks-out-coal-gas-wait-what/

02:01:12 Suresh B: Any update on government policies that will encourage more people to switch towards EVs. And any major technology improvements happening to improve the battery efficiency?

02:01:25 Robert Sanchez: Any ideas on how to EV-anglize to those that currently don’t know about EVs and the like. With the COVID in the news daily the importance of clean energy and clean transit is all the more important. I told my Doctor and reached out to the Lung Association, the Heart Association and other health organizations. We discussed taking out ads last year but it was decided that we didn’t have the budget and it would be more effective getting out the message via social media.

02:21:34 Randy Hildebrandt: sorry, have to drop

02:22:02 Kevin Douglass: Good meeting everyone

02:22:33 Suresh B: Thank you all. Take care and stay safe.

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