HEAA September 2021 Meeting

  • Nigel Zeid of EVtransformotion from Boulder, CO previously spent 12 years as an EV specialist with Nissan and Tesla. Nigel is now an independent, brand-fluid, electric vehicle explainer and educator. He enjoys sharing the knowledge and experience that he has gained during that time with consumers, dealerships, salespeople, municipalities, utilities and fleets.

  • Robert Sanchez, our HEAA VP, will lead us all in a discussion of where the HEAA could be in five years — EV boats and planes, anyone?

  • Member updates on their projects.



Chat Text:

00:37:04 Jim Tucker: Just because we cannot do everything does not mean we should not do anything.

00:37:54 James Orenstein: Any comments on “EV Ready” building codes requiring 220 VAC wiring in residential garages & more for commercial?

00:44:22 James Orenstein: Some of us want to buy so we can experiment with hacks & aftermarket mods.

00:48:44 Jim Tucker: James-The latest word is that after CoH approves the 2015 (!) building standards, they will immediately start on approving the 2021 standards, which have the provision for 220v-ready garage wiring for new residential construction, so charger installation should be easier. We’ll see.

00:59:10 Richard R. Andrews: I have 2017 Chevy Bolt, very happy with it. I love the idea of leasing -- I imagine they'd give me some credit for the 2017 Bolt?

01:02:10 Richard R. Andrews: very helpful

01:07:58 Richard R. Andrews: Most important question of the night: what is the plural of Leaf?

01:09:27 James Orenstein: The ICC stripped the optional EV ready appendices from the ICC 2021 codes at the final review stage: https://www.spglobal.com/marketintelligence/en/news-insights/latest-news-headlines/overhaul-of-building-energy-code-deals-setback-to-gas-ban-backers-63056504

In the DFW area DFW Clean Cities is advocating for local adoption anyway but is getting strong opposition from the Dallas Builders Association: they’re opposed due to costs and on principle that building codes should address safety issues & not policy.

01:14:27 James Orenstein: Thanks!

01:14:38 Richard R. Andrews: we like some blathering

01:23:17 Laura D: I've gtg, thanks for the great information

01:25:55 Nigel Zeid: I lost sound, and have to get my kid, so I'm having to leave. Thank you for inviting me to speak. I am honored. I hope it was helpful. Call me anytime. take care everyone

01:42:05 Richard R. Andrews: in next 5 years we could talk more about electric bicycles and motorcycles

01:42:15 Emma Hwang: For those who are trying to get to TXRX Labs, attached is a PDF with pictures and instructions.

01:49:24 Jim Tucker: My electric lawnmowers are delightful, quiet and lightweight.

01:55:46 Richard R. Andrews: Update from today about Chevy Bolt battery: https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/chevy-bolt-battery-plant-shutdown-extended-as-gm-lg-explore-recall-options/ar-AAOgykU

01:58:38 Richard R. Andrews: We should continue to emphasize how to make EV's more affordable for lower income folks

02:06:16 Steve Hanrahan: Condit Elementary in Bellaire may be a venue

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