HEAA September 2020 Online Meeting Vivas Kumar on battery chemistry, and Lion Electric vehicles.

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Vivas Kumar - HEAA
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From Robin Friedrich to Everyone: 07:18 PM


From Vivaswath Kumar to Everyone: 07:21 PM



From Fred Anders to Everyone: 08:33 PM




Meeting Chat:

00:04:51 Robert Sanchez: Early birds. I received a text on my smart phone reminding me of this meeting. Thank you Vivas for being willing to speak. A bit of chaos with the schedule but alls well now.

00:14:43 James Orenstein: Hello from Duncanville (just S of Dallas)

00:14:59 Bill Betzen: Bill Betzen Introduction, Retired Teacher Dallas ISD on Trustee Transportation Committee

00:24:23 Robert Sanchez: What is the danger of a lithium cartel forming along the lines of OPEC? What about the environmental effects of heavy mining? What is being done to minimize these potential issues?

00:43:32 Emma Hwang: recent Chronicle article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/columnists/tomlinson/article/Electric-vehicles-solve-some-pollution-problems-15511020.php?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=HC_DailyHeadlines&utm_term=news&utm_content=headlines&sid=5b0231b52ddf9c12eaeb156f

00:46:46 Robert Sanchez: As of today according to www.pluginamerica.org website 1,598,460 EVs have been sold in America since December 2019. 40,000 more and it will be two million.

00:50:50 Robin Friedrich: Are new battery tech that don't use Lithium going to short circuit this whole problem?

00:51:46 Robert Sanchez: Informal cartel. Chinese and Latin American. Imperfect cartel accounting for cheating.

00:53:41 Robert Sanchez: Don’t fight the current system (Coal and oil, natural gas, and nukes). Create a new system that makes the current one obsolete. Solar, wind, battery storage, conservation, efficiency.

00:54:29 Robin Friedrich: So tell us..... what will Tesla battery day tell us?

00:57:16 James Orenstein: Alternatives like Form Energy to replace LI for stationary storage? https://www.energy-storage.news/news/form-energys-mystery-battery-chemistry-to-be-used-in-150-hour-duration-pilo

01:00:05 Emma Hwang: Have you heard that the Tesla PowerWalls are backordered? Is this due to the materials supply chain issue you were referring to?

01:00:43 Robert Sanchez: We are thinking about electric land vehicles. What could be the potential demand when aircraft and watercraft electrify? Also stationary storage.

01:01:02 Robin Friedrich: https://formenergy.com/

01:03:05 Robin Friedrich: All you need for aircraft is a carbon neutral way of making jet fuel.

01:04:03 Vivaswath Kumar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxFhWfA7kyE


01:04:59 James Orenstein: Hydrogen hybrid long haul trucking, ie Nikola Motor? Follow up question offline. Great presentation, thanks!

01:05:43 James Taylor: Thanks!

01:07:38 Robert Sanchez: How much cleaner is an eLion school bus compared to a standard CNG bus to justify the cost difference? Diesel is hands down much dirty.

01:17:02 Stephen Hanrahan: Was HISD receptive to the idea of electric buses?

01:24:50 James Taylor: Sorry if I missed it but, especially for fleet sales, is maintenance written in to the sales? It would seem schools and companies would have large infrastructure investment in this. Do you separate out the repair for the drive train?

01:36:53 Robert Sanchez: What about long trips out of town. Within a fixed route no problem. What happens when the football team needs to play out of town? Charging infrastructure?

01:42:40 Robert Sanchez: What about your competition? What advantage does eLion have over Thomas and Bluebird?

01:42:52 Jimmy Hosch: Does Lyon know of any studies of the effects of low bus ride noise on student behavior and academic performance?

01:46:10 Jimmy Hosch: How many electric school buses will Lyon deliver in Texas in 2020? In 2021? Do you allocate a number of buses to each state, or is it on a first come first served basis?

01:49:53 Robert Sanchez: Diesel particulate matter is not only bad for young people’s lungs and hearts but also their developing brains. Like lead and mercury it lowers IQ points.

01:56:37 Jimmy Hosch: Lyon school buses can accommodate a third battery pack because of the lighter chassis and cabin weight. Is Lyon planning to further reduce vehicle weight to accommodate a 4th battery pack or are you counting on increased battery energy density to extend range?

02:15:22 Fred Anders: www.TexasPowerGuide.com

02:16:41 Fred Anders: https://www.texaspowerguide.com/solar-buyback-plans-texas/

02:18:14 Fred Anders: https://www.texaspowerguide.com/time-of-use-electric-plans-calculator/

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