HEAA October 2020 Meeting

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

From Lonestar SV (Specialty Vehicles) we will have Chas Mease to talk about their electric trucks. Also we have Kandi America, a Texas-based company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of EVs.

Chat Text:

:00 Jason Rapp: Anyone else reserved a VW ID.4?

00:15:09 Jason Rapp: After the reveal

00:17:38 Emma Hwang: Go Blue!

00:32:05 William Swann: Is it an AC Induction motor?

00:34:18 Robert Sanchez: I think I asked this in a previous email. How do you market this to companies that have to meet a quarterly budget. How much is the electric premium over their diesel counterpart.

00:34:23 Jefferson Ebert: are you able to share the ratio of NMC? is it a 622, 811?

00:34:28 Jason Rapp: For fleets, what's typical duty cycle? How much time could they spend charging assuming there was a charger every place they stop?

00:44:59 Robert Sanchez: Are you working to make the whole process green especially from green sourced energy at your plants, distribution centers, etc. The old question arrises that one is shifting the pollution from the tail pipe to the smoke stack (less of an issue now than ten years ago).

00:45:26 William Swann: So the charger is level 3? DC Fast charge

00:45:52 John Atwood: I assume the diesel yard trucks have multi-gear transmissions and the electric may have a single gear reduction, what is the overall reduction ratio?

00:46:41 Emma Hwang: How important were the environmental benefits of your vehicle to HEB and your other clients?

00:47:31 Emma Hwang: (to finish my question) in their decision to go with your vehicles?

00:53:06 Jason Rapp: What kind of training/organizational hurdles do the fleet operators have swapping their drivers to the electrics? Or do they typically really like them and that makes the transition pretty easy?

00:55:08 William Swann: Have you contacted the port of Houston? They purchase 100% green solar energy.

00:58:34 William Swann: Is a plant tour possible?

00:59:35 Yen Huynh Rabe: Nay

00:59:45 Daniel Smith: yay

00:59:49 Jefferson Ebert: yay

01:03:23 Robert Sanchez: What is your target market. Everyone talks about the Tesla Killer but it never emerges. Tesla is Tesla and it seems as if everyone else is compeating for second place.

01:04:20 Jason Rapp: I don't think anyone except unfamiliar tech journalists really view anyone as a "Tesla Killer"

01:27:24 John Atwood: how many reservations have you gotten in the US?

01:28:12 Robert Sanchez: What is your company do to try to expand charging infrastructure especially in multiunit housing?

01:28:31 Yen Huynh Rabe: How is the car charged?

01:30:02 Yen Huynh Rabe: How long doe sit take to charge the car with Level 1 charger.

01:32:03 Jason Rapp: What kind of system is the display in the car? Can you download apps to it?

01:32:07 Robert Sanchez: Where do you see your company in two years, five years, ten years? Will do stick with your original design or expand?

01:32:15 Seth Alberts: level 1 is typically 4 mi / hr

01:33:09 Robert Sanchez: Level two for my VOLT is usually 13 to 15 miles an hour.

01:35:33 Robert Sanchez: Any plans for European markets? Europe has usually gone with smaller vehicles to fit their roads (some going back to the Middle Ages) and the high cost of fuel (much of it taxes and lack of large oil reserves).

01:38:55 Emma Hwang: You mentioned Kandi started with making ATVs (gasoline?), is Kandi planning to also manufacture electric motorcycles and/or scooters given the company’s origins?

01:39:05 Jason Rapp: K27 AC charging (on-board): 7 Hours (240V/16A)

K23 AC charging (on-board): 7 Hours (240V/32A)

01:39:54 Stephen Hanrahan: How are the batteries conditioned. Liquid coolant or air?

01:40:07 Seth Alberts: thanks Jason. that’s about what I expected

01:40:21 Jason Rapp: No, just good at Googling haha!

01:40:55 Emma Hwang: Did you say that you already had a dealership in the Houston area, or somewhere in Texas?

01:41:04 Robert Sanchez: Low cost, no frills vehicles like this would be perfect for third world nations some in Africa, Asia and Latin America. There is actually an electric bus manufacturer in Uganda.

01:51:18 Seth Alberts: We bought our first electric car because I got tired of having to go out and put gas in my wife’s car

01:53:44 Robert Sanchez: Don’t forget Cuba. They are still driving cars manufactured when Eisenhower was president!!! You would have to help with infrastructure and electric production ie. Solar and perhaps wind. Should be no issues between China and Cuba.

01:56:20 CHARLES MEASE: Hi all, I am going to drop off. It was a pleasure to speak with you all tonight. If anyone would like to reach out feel free to email or call me. chas.mease@lonestarsv.com 734-707-3220

01:58:07 Emma Hwang: Seth - do you have pictures to share?

02:01:24 John Atwood: does anyone use MP2 energy for net metering?

02:03:57 Robert Sanchez: Off topic. What Did you think about Elon’s Battery Day. $25k EV in three years!!!! Man is a genius both scientifically and business wise.

02:38:59 Yen Huynh Rabe: chris.h@kilowattsolar.com

02:44:21 Seth Alberts: dwolfe@solarunitedneighbors.com

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