HEAA November 2020 Meeting

Updated: Feb 5

For our November HEAA virtual meeting we have a speaker from:

• Tom Calgaard of Bye Aerospace to talk about their electric airplane, and

• Jeff Ebert from Ascend Performance Materials talking about the development of Trinohex Ultra as an impactful additive to electrolyte solutions for Lithium Ion Batteries (LiBs).

Chat Text:

:42 D Hanson: All are invited to ask their questions in chat

00:25:15 Kevin Douglass: How is certification of E2 going? When do you project first delivery to be? How many E2 aircraft per year do you plan to make?

00:37:23 Roberto Strangis: Thank you for the presentation

00:40:59 Kevin Douglass: What are you doing for cooling? Air cooled or liquid cooled?

01:26:20 Douglas Yazell: Gotta go. Great evening of presentations!!!

01:29:39 John Atwood: wow an amazing amount of info, I just learned a lot!

01:34:12 John Atwood: do you think tesla would be interested in this additive for their new 4680 cells?

01:40:10 Maurilio Sanchez: Good point for sure

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