HEAA May 2021 Online Meeting

Updated: Jul 11

Dan Mitchell with Nuro is our speaker, about their autonomous EV Delivery vehicle now operating in Houston. www.,nuro.ai/houston

Chat Text:

00:10:03 Collin Loewen: Evolve

00:10:36 Collin Loewen: Evolve Houston Website - https://www.evolvehouston.org/

00:11:17 Collin Loewen: Another website for following Texas legislation- https://txetra.org/

00:12:20 James Orenstein: Hello from North Central Texas (DFW).

00:13:22 William Swann: Where are the windshield wipers?

00:16:42 William Swann: Hope you touch upon the process of receiving a delivered item.

00:17:29 Jason Hall: Why Houston? Where is the hardware engineering and software dev work being done?

00:21:48 Jason Hall: Elon says Lidar is a crutch. Agree or disagree?

00:23:13 Robert Powell: any thoughts on going to wireless charging?

00:24:22 William Swann: Is there a human monitoring the vehicle status, remotely?

00:24:52 James Taylor: MY pizza is important!

00:27:24 Jason Hall: Can the vehicle be piloted remotely if needed?

00:29:25 William Swann: Sometime I can not see a red light because they are highly directional. Do the vehicle sensors have more sensitivity to red/green lights?

00:31:56 Jason Hall: Any plans to license the software, or use commercially available vehicles?

00:35:14 William Swann: Can you mention the thermal imaging camera?

00:35:16 Greg Geter: Are there high water sensors in the front bumper?

00:36:24 James Taylor: Has there been actual interaction with law enforcement on the road?

00:36:40 Maurilio Sanchez: What if you live in a gated community?

00:38:19 Jason Hall: Who are the biggest competitors in this space?

00:38:22 Steven Barnes: The question was already asked about human monitoring. Is Nuro performing the monitoring or the company the R2 "works for"? i.e., CVS, Kroger's.? Do you project that eventually a 3rd party company will handle monitoring and service for the R2's so your company can concentrate on other aspects?

00:38:34 Collin Loewen: Houston Tech Rodeo website - https://www.htxtechrodeo.com/

00:39:39 Steven Barnes: Impressive tech and idea. Glad to see you/someone is thnking about these challenges

00:40:58 William Swann: I live 14 miles from the Heights. What is the radius of operation?

00:42:33 Robert Powell: What computer core are you using?

00:44:00 Robert Powell: I have wireless charing on my motorcycle Im sure you can

00:44:15 Jason Hall: For deployment, any preference for single family vs multifamily neighborhoods, like partnering with apt. managers?

00:44:15 Stanislav Jaracz: What went into decision making to select this particular size of a vehicle?

00:45:18 Robert Powell: How has the chip shortage affected your deplotment?

00:46:09 Sterling Camp: operational range?

00:47:17 Steven Barnes: Have you had to deal with random acts of vandalism such as purposely damage or theft of contents?

00:48:23 Stanislav Jaracz: Are these vehicle going to be operated from a single depot or it will be a web of depots and the cars will get charged at various locations as well as loaded at multiple locations.

00:49:41 James Taylor: I assume the vehicle avoidance is to obey traffic laws, (not some creative drive itself off the cliff mode) to avoid collisions.

00:50:05 Sterling Camp: how many deliveries daily?

00:50:42 Jason Hall: thermal sensor to ensure pizza stays hot

00:51:45 Steven Barnes: R2 looks like its smiling at us.

00:52:14 Sterling Camp: 0-25mph in how many minutes?

00:53:17 Jason Hall: who gets a ticket if traffic law broken?

00:54:59 Sterling Camp: is there a b2b delivery role?

01:07:23 Sterling Camp: how deep of still water can it navigate

01:07:50 Jason Hall: is Domino's soliciting community input on where to deploy?

01:11:06 Steven Barnes: Company publicly traded? IPO coming?

01:14:42 William Swann: What about the ambiguous situation, but very real, where there is a power outage - no stoplights, for example.

01:20:21 William Swann: How is remote communication? What format?

01:22:09 Steven Barnes: Can't wait for the Hot Wheels version of R2

01:22:55 Collin Loewen: nuro.ai/houston

01:23:36 Collin Loewen: dan@nuro.ai

01:30:44 Sterling Camp: Mac haik? do they any e service techs?

01:33:47 Collin Loewen: Three Mach E at Legacy Ford-

01:33:51 Collin Loewen: https://www.legacyfordtx.com/searchnew.aspx?make=Ford&model=Mustang%20Mach-E

01:34:58 Collin Loewen: Schedule a test drive there too.

01:35:58 Sterling Camp: yup, like my mom's 67 mustang, rear end all over the place

01:36:35 Jason Hall: https://www.ford.com/suvs/mach-e/

01:39:53 Robert Powell: https://www.thedrive.com/tech/38717/listen-to-the-loud-irritating-noise-made-by-amazons-electric-rivian-delivery-vans

01:39:54 Sterling Camp: noisemaker silencable?

01:42:59 Sterling Camp: 2x CT

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