HEAA June 2022 Meeting


  • Robert Rolnik, previously a patent attorney and now the CEO of WindEverest, will present his research and development of an app that can help you locate the nights that have excess renewable energy on the grid.

  • Latest EV News:

  • GM is going to electrify the Corvette

  • Subaru has moved into the world of EVs by announcing an electric car built in conjunction with Toyota

  • etc…

  • Member updates on their projects.


Chat Text:

01:11:28 Kevin Douglass: Is there a market in place for paying consumers for taking load?

01:37:15 Kevin Douglass: Did you come across information on vehicle to grid? The helps with both peak load and peak demand.

01:41:10 Kevin Douglass: Could you please define the colors on the bar graph on the bottom of each slide?

01:52:58 Steven Barnes: That F150 Lightning V2G option was $20,000 on their web page

01:53:45 Steven Barnes: We learned about two years ago, that every Tesla built since 2012 that the charger has the ability to feed the grid, if/when Tesla turns it on.

01:55:03 Steven Barnes: Interesting in reading about a Tesla product? Google AUTOBIDDER.com It can manage energy coming from the Tesla fleet back to the grid allowing owners to sell their electricity back a provider

01:56:21 Steven Barnes: Tesla is building a energy farm of Megapacks. I think its near Austin

01:57:40 Kevin Douglass: Great presentation, very interesting, not worn down :)

02:01:58 Maurilio Sanchez: Compressed Air Energy Storage CAES

02:04:52 Kevin Douglass: Your presentation has convinced me to charge my EV’s in the early morning hours, thus increasing the load for excess wind. I have excess solar that I will provide to the grid in the day to help with the excess load.

02:12:44 Kevin Douglass: 👏👏👏

02:13:51 Kevin Douglass: What will the name of your app be?

02:21:11 Steven Barnes: Agree. As usual, GREAT MEETING

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