HEAA January 2021 online meeting with Michael Stafford of Lordstown Motors.

Updated: Feb 5

Chat File:

00:30:42 Steve Hanrahan: Any information on battery management system for the vehicle? Steve

00:30:43 Robert Sanchez: Any plans to design and build variants on the basic model? SUV, combo welder, ambulance, armored cars. etc.

00:37:41 Jeff Ebert: I have a battery question... :-)

00:37:46 Jeff Ebert: :-)

00:38:22 Robin Friedrich: Availability timeframe??

00:38:27 Jim Tucker: What is the range fully loaded? (250-??).

00:38:39 James Taylor: Double cab with a short bed? This is the standard model?

00:39:04 Steve Hanrahan: What type of battery architecture?Cylindrical/pouch? Steve

00:39:37 Ken Sheldon: The lack of an axle would seem to pose significant limits to payload and towing capacity.

00:41:20 William Starr: Will you produce 2 wheel drive trucks? Cheaper and many fleet managers probably do not want their employees driving around in 600hp trucks.

00:44:51 Ken Sheldon: Using a hub motor has a number of benefits, but reliability of any system drops as the number of components increases, Are there other configurations with fewer motors?

00:46:48 Collin: Type of charging connection? And charging capacity?

00:48:15 Robert Sanchez: What is your company doing to expand charging infrastructure? Some jobs are remote far from towns and cities.

00:48:27 Robin Friedrich: Thinking about 4-wheel steering in the future?

00:57:26 Andreas Matzakos: How does it compare to Cyber truck?

00:57:31 Ken Sheldon: 2021 F-150: 4,021 to 5,014 lbs

00:58:37 Ken Sheldon: f-350: 5,878 to 7,737 lbs

01:02:46 Robin Friedrich: A Rivian is more compatible

01:06:23 Kevin Douglass: Thank you Michael. Excellent presentation. All the best to you all.

01:13:17 Randy Hildebrandt: It now #1 leader

01:13:19 Ken Sheldon: google says 30 Gw

01:19:01 Collin: Haven't we had a presentation before from them?

01:40:57 Collin: We have a TxETRA Fall 2019 presentation in our youtube channel https://youtu.be/IBcg6_1bMJo

01:48:00 Ken Sheldon: zzzzz

01:53:30 Robert Sanchez: As some of you know Elizabeth Spike a former meeting attendee and Sierra Club member is working on a DRAFT proposal for getting lower income folks into EVs. If she is able to share with third parties I will request it and forward to those that may be interested. I may have solicited information from some of you and your other organizations.

01:56:42 Robert Sanchez: I passed her project and contact information to Smitty. But still send me the information you have. You have her contact information I assume.

02:06:44 Robert Sanchez: Nuclear fusion is the joke about always being the fuel of the future. H2 makes metals brittle. I read about this over 30 years ago. I guess a physical property won’t change. A niche fuel and use.

02:10:14 Robert Sanchez: Take money from pollution control enforcement and place into roads. Fewer coal and nat gas plants, fewer ICE vehicles and refineries and oil wells.

02:10:54 Robert Sanchez: Fewer nuke plants as well the next ten years.

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