HEAA August 2020 Meeting

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Chat Text

0:46:57 Yen Rabe: What is the cost in charging for your camping trip and which charging company do you use and prefer?

00:50:22 Yen Rabe: Have you ever been stranded when you pull up to a charge station and what do you do when none of the charger does not work?

00:53:41 Robert Sanchez: No, I have a plug in hybrid.

01:01:06 Jason Rapp: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/livedata/

01:01:11 Jason Rapp: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/cars/

01:01:16 Jason Rapp: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/premium/

01:01:27 Jason Rapp: jason@abetterrouteplanner.com - my email

01:28:38 Jason Rapp: To answer Emma's question - the Vehicle configurations are a premium feature

01:29:38 Robert Sanchez: The Obama administration had a cash for clunkers back in 2009-10 and the old Unocal had a program in California back in the 90s. Older more polluting ICE vehicles for new less polluting ICE vehicles. I have heard that 10 Percent of the ICE vehicles are responsible for 90 percent of the mobile borne air pollution.

01:39:15 Jason Rapp: https://www.ubitricity.com/en/

01:50:46 Yen Rabe: Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to this group. I finally get a chance to join this group. I am a proud owner of a Nissan Leaf 2018. I bought it new. I was down in Clear Lake and someone put a card on my car. That's how I came to know about this group. Thanks!

01:51:04 Jason Rapp: Welcome!

01:51:55 Yen Rabe: I see I'm not the only woman in this group! Hi Emma!

01:53:09 Emma Hwang: Hi Yen!

01:54:11 Emma Hwang: I used to own a 2011 Nissan Leaf also. I upgraded to a Tesla Model X last October.

02:02:05 Jason Rapp: https://comma.ai/

02:02:24 Yen Rabe: That

02:04:16 Yen Rabe: Emma, that's a big upgrade! Is any one considering a Tesla Solar roof?

02:05:19 John Atwood: I am probably going to contact Tesla about the $1.49/watt panel install

02:06:39 Yen Rabe: I inquired about the sleek solar roof. Their quote for like a 95% production is about $60K. OUch!

02:07:06 John Atwood: yea, I have heard it is expensive

02:09:37 Emma Hwang: I would recommend signing up for the East Houston Solar Co-op, https://coops.solarunitedneighbors.org/coops/east-houston-solar-co-op/. The group buy cost should be much better than Tesla’s solar roof.

02:10:15 Yen Rabe: We have backed out of going solar for now with the pandemic.

02:11:46 Randy Hildebrandt: Thanks Emma

02:12:44 Jefferson Ebert: Thank you neighbor!!

02:12:46 Yen Rabe: Emma, have you gone solar?

02:17:46 Jefferson Ebert: Emma I need to show you some data on a 2 million mile battery I have cooking. :-)

02:18:13 Yen Rabe: Has anyone here gone solar?

02:18:33 Jefferson Ebert: Emma has. I can see her panels from my back porch. im super jealous.

02:19:10 Emma Hwang: Yes. I have a 17.36 kW solar system that was installed in 2017…turned on a couple of weeks before Hurricane Harvey hit.

02:20:23 Yen Rabe: Emma, did you get a new roof before installing or what is your plan for when you need a new roof?

02:20:47 Robert Sanchez: Unrelated but perhaps related. I have heard if you have a pool you can take discounts off the fire portion of your home owner’s insurance. Ready water source should your home catch fire.

02:21:16 Randy Hildebrandt: or a pond too

02:21:41 Emma Hwang: My house was only ~2 years old before I installed the solar.

02:22:47 Yen Rabe: Emma, my roof is 16 years old.

02:23:03 ERIC JENKINS: thanks, see you again. good night.

02:23:44 Emma Hwang: Seth, a member of this club, joined the West SUN co-op to get solar and replace his roof at the same time

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