February 2021 Online Meeting

• Nathan Armstrong will speak to us on the latest from Aptera Motors Corp. Nathan is in charge of Mechanical Engineering at Aptera. One of our members, Kevin Douglass, is the Aptera City Ambassador for Houston. • Discussion on the latest EV news from around the country and world. • Members update on their projects.

Chat notes:

00:20:34 Bill Swann: Wht is the coeff of drag

00:21:11 Collin Loewen: How many passengers?

00:21:51 Robin Friedrich: Front wheel drive? or Rear?

00:21:55 Daniel De Clute-Melancon: Which charging plug?

00:22:50 Andreas Matzakos: What kwh/might do you get?

00:23:14 Andreas Matzakos: Mile

00:24:17 Bill Swann: If one were to clip off one of the front wheels is a crash, Can it be replaced?

00:24:53 Robin Friedrich: AC and heating?

00:26:49 Daniel De Clute-Melancon: Any comments on acceptance of Polaris Slingshot as motorcycle in states, and acceptance of Aptera?

00:27:15 Bill Swann: Is the 40 mile solar range tested or in theory?

00:27:19 Charlie Randall: Cost?

00:28:22 Bill Swann: Do you have to orient the vehicle on a n-s axis for solar? Joke!

00:28:31 Roberto Strangis: Who manufactures the solar panels?

00:30:07 Andreas Matzakos: It must be 1 kwh per day PV

00:30:40 Bill Swann: Did he say all wheel drive with 2 hub motors?

00:30:59 Bill Swann: or 3 hub motors?

00:33:13 Bill Swann: Need any drivers of the prototype ?

00:33:34 Bill Swann: Assume acceleration is decent.

00:34:42 Robin Friedrich: When is the first production run?

00:34:55 Bill Swann: What is the production timeline?

00:36:33 Bill Swann: Is production in Calif?

00:36:36 Phil So: Thanks to Aptera for speaking to us. Got to run to another meeting

00:37:24 Michael Zuteck: What is the power and weight of the hub motors?

00:45:59 Emma Hwang: How will service be handled?

00:50:41 Robert Sanchez: How has Apperra been impacted by Covid 19 and what measures has it taken to address it. The tarnished silver lining to the pandemic is cleaner air and a blow to the fossil fuel industries.

00:51:23 Suresh Balachandran: What is the typical city and highway ride in-cabin road noise level?

00:53:44 Robert Powell: Well im building a reverse trike

00:56:48 Bill Swann: Solar should be more efficient because of air cooling.

00:59:25 John Atwood: why do the wheels not need power steering?

01:05:44 Robin Friedrich: How are firmware updates done?

01:09:40 Daniel De Clute-Melancon: 240 mph record to break https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/398746-fastest-streamlined-3-wheeled-electric-motorcycle-speed

01:10:14 Robert Powell: Appogies if already asked, How are you using the supercharger? ac/dc?

01:12:09 Seth Alberts: I missed the answer to the production timeline question. If I make a reservation today when can I expect a car?

01:12:52 Robert Powell: Well 1 is mine

01:13:19 Charlie Randall: Did we cover cost?

01:13:33 John Atwood: when is the IPO?!

01:18:14 Seth Alberts: is the car eligible for federal tax credit?

01:18:39 Daniel De Clute-Melancon: Thanks!!

01:24:55 lisa liu: Thank you - very exciting!

01:24:59 Suresh Balachandran: Appreciate your time Nathan

01:25:12 Roberto Strangis: Thank you